Pocketted : Divine
Imperial : Empress ; Latex Suprem (* New) ;
Superorthopedic : Grand Premiere ;
Euro Premier (* New) ;
Basic Orthopedic : Premier ; Victoria ;
EuroComfort (* New)


Super Soft



Pocketed springs with 6 electronically treated turns, made of 2.2 mm wire, having 17 cm height and 45/61 mm spring diameter are wrapped in textile material and stuck together by adhesive, forming a spring core of approx. 269 springs/m2. The core is covered by a layer of 20 mm PU compacted foam on each side, a layer of 15 mm PU foam, high quality cotton layer for the summer side, woollen layer for the winter side and a gauze layer for each side.

In order to protect your health, on the spring core width there are orthopedic foam supports and on the sides of the core there are foam margins, 80 mm thick that confer the mattress both the aspect and the properties necessary for a quiet and healthy sleep.

High quality Jaquard textile cover sanitary treated and fireproofing, is quilted with a layer of Minet and a layer of 8 mm PU foam; textile sides are quilted with 8 mm foam and TNT. The height of the mattress is approx. 30 cm.

Guarantee offered for manufacturing defects is of 6 years. In case of inadequate use, the producer is exonerated of any guilt.

* Optionally the mattresses you order can be endowed with the anti-mites system: Uniflex Air Sistem.