S.C Victoria S.A - a national producer and distributor of MATTRESSES and POLYURETHANE FOAMS - holds : ISO 9001 certification and is an ISPA (International Sleep Products Association) member.


Unifoam Group



S.C. Victoria S.A produces and distributes at national level a various range of mattresses and polyurethane foams. Our company’s main target is to answer under extremely advantageous conditions (technical and financial) to all market demands and to any type of necessity of the profile industry.

S.C. VICTORIA S.A is part of UNIFOAM GROUP, international producer of mattresses and polyurethane foams which started production in Romania in 2002.

Beginning with 2003, S.C. VICTORIA S.A. is a member of the prestigious ISPA - International Sleep Products Association, which includes the best mattresses manufacturers in the world.
ISPA certifies, for the international market, only the companies whose products comply with high quality standards.

Also, starting with 2004, S.C. VICTORIA S.A holds certificare ISO 9001:2000 certification.


Using only high quality materials and advanced technological knowledge, thanks to the experience of UNIFOAM GROUP in this field, our products (mattresses and polyurethane foams) guarantee the best comfort and quality.

S.C. VICTORIA S.A has a strong tradition in innovation and quality. That is why we constantly adapt our production lines according to the last international technical tendencies, always aiming at increasing quality and speeding up delivery terms for our products.


The range of mattresses produced by S.C. Victoria S.A addresses equally to exclusivist people who desire luxury products and to those who are interested on basic class products. However, all customers benefit of quality. S.C. Victoria S.A is the only company in Romania endowed with Uniflex Air System – the most efficient system in combating the causes generating the appearance of dust mites, one of the main causes of breathing allergies and asthma.

Using technology based on MAXFOAM process S.C. Victoria S.A produces a lot of polyurethane foam types with applications in all sectors of the profile industry. We also hold equipment which develops high cutting speed and precision in executing all types of polyurethane foam cuttings and contours.
We can deliver polyurethane foam with all forms: blocks, sheets, different contours, etc.