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SC Victoria SA increases its production capacity!

S.C. Victoria S.A. is delighted to announce all customers and partners in polyurethane foam, upholstery and furniture industries the increase of performances and production capacity by purchasing a new technological system.

The new equipment “Art Contour Cutting Center” develops an impressive cutting speed and an excellent performance in precision. It feats, with high efficacy and flexibility, all types of polyurethane foam cuttings and contours.

S.C. Victoria S.A. reaffirms its commitment to reach excellence in respecting quality of all products delivered to our clients. At present, by the acquisition of this technological system, our range of activities can respond, under extremely advantageous conditions (technical and financial) to all market demands and to any type of necessity of the profile industry.

Our permanent effort to improve the quality of the offered products and services, so that present and future collaborations to be of long standing, illustrates S.C. Victoria S.A. respect for quality and satisfaction of all our customers needs.

Please do not hesitate to ask for information and technical details regarding our production capacities, delivery terms and financial offer.